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Table 10. Youth unemployment (by sex)
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CountryBYearSexAgeRepositoryType of sourceYouth labour force ('000)Youth unemployed ('000)Adult unemployed ('000)Youth unemployment rate (%)Adult labour force ('000)Adult unemployment rate (%)Ratio of youth unemployment rate to adult unemployment rateYouth population ('000)Total unemployed ('000)Share of youth unemployed in youth population (%)Share of youth unemployed in total unemployed (%)Coverage
Syrian Arab Republic  2010MFYouth: 15-24; Adult: 25+NSOLFS1,248.800239.535228.47519.2004,331.5015.33.6-468.010-51.21
Syrian Arab Republic  2010FYouth: 15-24; Adult: 25+NSOLFS195.14778.501119.98440.200687.46117.52.3-198.485-39.61